Tips When Hiring Server for Up Scale Restaurant

upscaleRestaurantWhen people go into a restaurant, it is simply because it is highly recommended or they have come to try the food out. But the option of coming back is a completely different story since customers don’t come back for the food alone, they come back for the services they received. Did I get comfortable with those who served me? Is the place satisfactory enough for the intended purpose? Is the served food worth the price? Am I completely satisfied by those who served me? Therefore, a restaurant has to provide services that makes it worthy for the customers to come back.

So as to establish and maintain good relations with the clients and in offering great experience, the people you hire and the service they provide play a very big role. It is therefore very important to make sure that you hire the best restaurant servers or staff and provide them with the required training. It is not a simple task to hire the right server. There are some important tips that you have to follow before you hire them.

Write the job description clearly

Many employees face labor and lawsuits concerns because there exist loopholes between the job description crafting and the real work done. Ensure that the job description is written with precision and that you stick with the guidelines of hiring as written. When you do this, the potential applicants are going to have a clear understanding as to what they expect.

Look for job candidates

You look for job candidates by posting ads in websites and newspapers. You can also look for recommendations from friends and family. Make sure that you post the job qualifications and requirements that you need.

Check on the references

Conduct interviews and review the candidates written resumes so as to get more information about them. References are going to offer you with a perspective concerning how people know them and their work ethics.

Review the worthiness of candidates using resume

Check if the candidate has made any particular references to those instances in which he/she has shown innovation and initiative at a workplace before. It is good to look for a candidate who is a team player for this post and in this instant, you can review the resume provided for any reference to experience he /she has had in contributing to the community or captaining a team. You can find a good server resume example here.

Both hiring and retention of employees are very hard tasks to manage. You need to ensure that you set out clearly a working organizational structure and offer the necessary tools so as to meet the expectations of your workers.

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Hair Style Tips for Chef

chefHairstyle ideas for chefs include varieties of sleek styles and cuts. Hairdos that are medium are always recommended when it comes to the chefs as this will ensure that it does not interfere with the food you are cooking or serving. It is also equally important to get to know the shape of your face for selecting the most flattering hairstyle. You need also to conduct a little research before you jump into any conclusion. Some of the most recommended hairstyles for chefs are straight cuts, bob, curly, sleek and bangs. Having a appropriate hair style is not the entire store. You also need to find the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

It is normally a hard task to select from a variety of chef length hairstyles. One of the most everlasting and recommended hairstyles in this category is the classic bob. You can select this design anytime for transforming and enhancing your overall appearance with flamboyance. This is the only style that is well suited for any type of face. More so, it softens your key areas such as jaw line, chin and forehead.

As a chef, the humidity and temperature of the kitchen makes maintaining a fancy hairstyle in place almost impossible. Therefore, another perfect hairstyle for such a job can feature a section on the left side of your head having a deep hair cut blunt in order to make a ledge.

In order to keep the hair out of the face while in the kitchen, the hair that is in the front part can be twisted on top then a bobby pin is placed in the twist. This pin can then be locked in place by inserting another pin across it. For extra caution, a third pin can be placed in parallel with the second pin. You can later remove the pins when your shift ends.

It is also good that you search online for a hair makeover tool or consult a hairdresser to inform you on the most flattering hair style for a chef. You can also decide to peruse through fashion magazines to know the latest trends in that field.